What items you can take with you

In principle, any. With the exception of substances and items classified internationally as dangerous, their full list is contained in your ticket.

On the unimpeded passage of weapons, radios necessary to issue a permit.

Special baggage such as musical instruments, can be carried in the aircraft cabin and even "own" chair, of course, if the passenger buys an extra ticket.

Free baggage allowance

There are certain restrictions on weight, size and number of pieces of luggage that air passenger can take with you on the flight. Free baggage allowance in the tourist class is 20 kg in business class - 30 kg in first class - 40 kg.

When flying in the US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, this rule is two places overall dimensions are (length, width, height) does not exceed 158 cm and weight of each space does not exceed 32 kg.

If the weight and dimensions of your luggage exceed the established norm, then all the problems associated with its design, it is better to settle in advance.

Checking Luggage

Maximum dimensions (length, width, height) of each piece of baggage must not exceed 160 cm. Excess baggage will be transported only if there is technical capacity. These rules do not apply to:

  • oversized baggage (weight of one piece, which does not exceed 30 kg or measuring the amount of which exceeds 160 cm)
  • equipment for skiing, golf or water sports
  • televisions, tape recorders or other electronic-home appliances, weighing more than 10 kg
  • domestic animals and birds, with the exception of guide dogs
  • flowers, plants, seedlings, edible herbs, weighing more than 5 kg.

Transportation of the above items declared by the passenger in advance booked and ensured the presence of technical equipment, is estimated by weight, regardless of the number of seats the other checked baggage of the passenger.

How much hand luggage can be taken into the cabin

In accordance with the rules it is allowed to take into the cabin one place unchecked baggage, and its weight is included in the permitted free allowance. Unchecked Baggage must not exceed the specified size, ie, placed on a shelf or under the seat. Since the dimensions of the shelves and the seats are different for different types of aircraft, be prepared for the fact that the staff at the airport will ask to pass it in the luggage compartment.

Over and above the free baggage allowance, you can also grab a plane:

  • diplomat or a plastic bag;
  • bouquet of flowers
  • a video camera or a laptop computer;
  • a handbag or a folder for papers;
  • publications for reading during the flight;
  • baby food and children's road cradle;
  • umbrella or walking stick;
  • coat or a raincoat;
  • collapsible wheelchair and / or crutches, if such items are necessary to the passenger.

Flight attendants recommended to place hand luggage in the following way:

  • garments and soft luggage put on a shelf positioned above your seat;
  • heavy and bulky items placed under the seat in front of passenger;
  • and, most importantly, do not leave your hand luggage at the emergency exits and aisles.

If your luggage is lost or damaged

In case of loss, damage to baggage or shortage of things you need to exit from the arrival hall call for service "LOST AND FOUND" airline to produce a fault act for the carriage of baggage.

A written complaint must be made ​​to the carrier forthwith after discovery of damage, but not later than seven days from receipt.
In case of loss of baggage claim is sent to the carrier within two years from the date of arrival of the aircraft at the destination.